Carl Crawford Doesn’t Want Old Baby Mama in LA With New Baby Mama Evelyn

carl crawford still hates red sox

Evelyn can’t seem to find a guy who doesn’t have any drama going on in his life, maybe she likes it that way. Carl Crawford’s baby mama who he just had a child with (they have two kids now, one 9 and the other 5 months), has decided to move to LA so the kids can be closer to Crawford (that is what she says anyway).

Crawford who will be having a child with Evelyn soon (she is 6-7 months pregnant) thinks she is coming to LA to hit him up for more child support (should have thought about before  YOLO sex).

So, he is filing court docs to prevent her move.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Carl claims Amy has lived in Arizona for the past 12 years where she’s been raising the two kids and everything was fine … until October.

That’s when, Carl claims, Amy suddenly packed up and moved out west … pulling the 9-year-old out of school and putting the family home up for sale.

In the legal docs, Carl says Amy insists she’s making the move because she wants the kids to be closer to their dad.

But Carl’s calling BS … claiming she only went to Cali to take advantage of the more favorable child support laws. Translation — Carl thinks she’s only after his money. 

This is similar to the problem Steve Nash was having with his Ex-Wife.

Good luck with all this Carl.

2 thoughts on “Carl Crawford Doesn’t Want Old Baby Mama in LA With New Baby Mama Evelyn

  • You would think these lame ballers would want their kids moved closer to them but, alas no its parental one ups manship in the name of child support payments. Explain that to the kids in 20 years same with Steve Nash, because I would look at my dad side ways like so the amount of money was the focus and not seeing more of us.

  • Who can blame him? That would have dust-pan world-wind written allll over it.

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