Carl Crawford & Evelyn Lozada Get Engaged; Photos of the Ring


Evelyn Lozada Pregnant

I am starting to think Evelyn has some magical powers that we aren’t aware of.

If you are keeping score, Evelyn was engaged to Antonie Walker (before he went broke), married Chad Johnson until a headbutting incident and now is enagaed to a Carl Crawford who just had a baby with his baby mama, while knocking up Evelyn.

Tebow bless America.

Congrats to them


  1. Magic Johnson and the Dodgers brass should trade him ASAP and keep Matt Kemp!! He will be in jail or in a major court case within a year!! This is a distraction the Dodgers don’t need and Crawford will REGRET this!!

  2. This is the type of woman your father tells you about. Use a rubber and leave her where you met her. What a piece of trash.Say goodnight to your career, you big dummy.

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