Carmelo Anthony Calls Hostile Fan a “Glazed Donut Face” on Twitter (Photos)

Carmelo Anthony Donut

So, I am checking Jose3030 Twitter TL and he has all these donut pics of Carmelo Anthony. I find them quite amuseming, but I don’t know where the origin came from.

I start searching and come across this….

Carmelo Anthony Glazed Donut Face

I have to admit I laughed for a good 7 1/2 minutes at that.

Glazed Donut Face

The fan in question a young man named Shamar aka @__Kingsleyy5 (who has Melo as his Twitter background) doesn’t appear to have a Glazed Donut Face, from what I can see but, it is still funny nevertheless.

Glazed Donut Face

Those Knicks are an entertaining bunch I tell you.