Carmelo Questions Stephen A.’s Sources Who Said He’s Leaving Knicks


Stephen A. on his radio show said he had sources that say Melo has already decided to leave the Knicks when he becomes a free agent.

He believes that Melo will go to Lakers and team up with Kobe.  Melo questions Stephen A’s sources.!/rodboone/status/408630435678543872!/rodboone/status/408632773256024066

Melo is in a little bit of a bind.  I don’t think he wants to be with the Knicks anymore (my personal opinion no sources), but he doesn’t have a lot of good options to leave $30 million on the table.  When Dwight Howard left money on the table he had some good options available to him (Houston, Golden State, Dallas).  Melo wants to be in a big market and contend for a title, but a lot of those teams don’t have any use for Melo, especially at max dollars.  The Bulls were my choice for him to go, but the uncertainty over Derrick Rose might make that situation iffy at best.

So, it is likely he stays put, he might be unhappy, but he will be paid.

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