Carmelo Says Knicks Players Can’t Worry About Woodson’s Job Status

Carmelo Anthony displays his new shoe.

Another day passes by, and another epic quote from Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo tries to say the right things, but when he makes the comments, it sounds worse than what he’s really trying to say.

The Knicks almost blew a lead, but held on to defeat the undermanned Chicago Bulls.

Anthony meant to say that the coach will get the blame anytime the big market Knicks lose, but said that the players can’t focus on that when they are trying to win games.

According to Ian Begley, Melo told the media that the players can’t worry about Woodson’s job status.

“When we win, the heat is off. When we lose, the heat is on. That’s just our business, that’s our society, that’s New York,” Anthony said after scoring 30 points in an 83-78 win over the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night. ”It happens. He can’t worry about that. We can’t worry about that.”