Carmelo Says LeBron Did a Smart Thing Teaming Up With Wade & Bosh


It is hard to carry a team when your #2 is JR Smith. Carmelo is finding that out the hard way and frankly he might have been better off staying in Denver, but the allure of being THE MAN in the NYC was too much.

Now, it appears he is regretting pushing for that trade.

The problem for Melo, who is set to become a free agent after the season is who can he “team up” with? Kobe is on his last leg and Derrick Rose’s legs don’t seem to be that much better.

Would Melo be willing to go to a smaller market with established stars at a reduce rate to chase a ring (OKC? Houston? Golden State? Dallas? Spurs?) or is he subtly saying he wants to play with LeBron? That certainly seems to be floating around in his mind at the moment.

It is still likely he re-signs with the Knicks, but don’t be shocked if he goes elsewhere.