CC Sabathia Says Playing In The Pinstripes “Didn’t Mean Much” To Robinson Cano


Jay Z Cano


A subtle jab by CC Sabathia towards his former teammate, Robinson Cano.

The allure of playing in the pinstripes, has become a part of baseball lore. The history behind those vibrant pinstripes–representing not just a team, but a winning tradition. Apparently Yankees ace CC Sabathia doesn’t think that allure meant much to the now Mariner Robinson Cano.

 “I know he’s happy with his decision, and his family’s happy. So that’s good . . . He made the best decision possible for him and his family. Can’t be mad at him for that. He’s the best second baseman in the game, and I wish him the best. Putting on the pinstripes, and being able to play your whole career in New York means something – to me, obviously. It didn’t mean much to him.”

Sounds like a tongue-in-cheek way of saying Cano put money over winning. Even if that was the case, one certainly can’t fault the man.

Plus, isn’t the whole ‘pinstripes mystique’ thing pretty much a thing of the past? More so, an angle used by George Steinbrenner after he took over the franchise in the 1970’s and remodeled the look of the team from the ground up. Just saying.

H/T: NBC Sports