Chip Kelly Doesn’t Want Texas Coaching Job


With Mack Brown stepping down after the season is over as the Texas Longhorns head coach, several names were thrown into the mix for possible successors. One of those names was Chip Kelly, but CBS Sports reports that Kelly has removed himself from any talks of leaving his current head coaching position with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I understand you have to ask the question, but I’m not involved in any jobs [that are vacant]. I’m the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and I’m going to prepare for the Bears, we’re going to prepare for the Cowboys after that. Hopefully, we have an opportunity to go to the playoffs and I plan to be here for a while.”

“I really don’t know. I haven’t talked to anybody. It’s just speculation. I haven’t spoken to anybody, nor will I speak to anybody.”

This isn’t to say that Kelly is out as a prospect. For now we can only take him for his word until, of course, he changes his mind.

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