Chris Bosh: I Don’t Like Watching Other NBA Games

Chris Bosh

This is interesting to me because I always wondered if top players in the league watched primetime games on television like the rest of America.

If you ask Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh, the answer is a resounding no.

“I had to stop watching basketball,” Bosh said after Tuesday’s 107-97 home loss to the Detroit Pistons. “I can’t even watch basketball. ‘Oh, really, you’re playing like that? Golly!’ It’s crazy. Seriously, you watch games—it’s like it’s totally different teams. That’s why I don’t like watching NBA anymore. I just watch us. It’s like, you watch the big prime-time games; but you watch another game, you’ll get in your head what this team is, and they’ll be something totally different tomorrow.”

“Every once in a while, you’re reminded of how much of a grind it really is,” Bosh said. “We get a team’s best every night. People don’t really understand what that means, the effort that we have to put into the game. If we’re a step off, we pay. It’s something that we deal with. We never complain about it; we just do what we have to do.”

With two straight NBA championships and 3 straight trips to the NBA Finals, it’s hard to argue with whatever Chris Bosh seems to think works for him.