College Athletes Talk About Running Trains on Women


In the wake of The Jameis Winston Case the conversation about rape and what is acceptable behavior for both men and women have been discussed.

I spoke about that in this piece about the complexities of Rape Accusations. TMZ spoke to several college athletes about “Running Trains” on women. The definition of running a train is when more then two males take turns having sex with one female. In the Jameis Winston police report his roommate said this would happen often. Here are some other quotes from college players across the nation.

Jameis Winston‘s teammate Chris Casher — the witness who told cops JW didn’t rape his accuser — also told police he and the FSU quarterback would often share chicks sexually.

One source, who played football at a Big 10 school, tells us, “Running trains happens all the time, sharing girls one after the other.”

We also spoke to an athlete who played in the MAC … who says, “Team threesomes were a good bonding experience. I had a few, but it happened all the time with teammates.”

One former college superstar put it another way — “I used to f**k so many hos and after I was done with her, a b*tch will let everyone else up in her. I mean, of course!”

As one player put it … there were ALWAYS groupies offering to hook up with players at the same time. They loved being connected to the football team. And the guys would do it because they felt comfortable around each other and because it was available.

Not surprising to me as I witnessed a lot of these same activities when I was at The Ohio State University.   A good friend of mine who played on the team was accused of rape during one of these trains during our Freshman year.  The case was dismissed in a very (less public) similar way Jameis’ case was dismissed.

My advice to men is to be very careful, because it only takes one accusation (false or true) to ruin a reputation and possibly lose your freedom.

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  • Very common. Nothing new.

  • Two things women love, attention and money. Falsely accusing a rich and famous athlete brings them instant attention and a chance to get lots of money. With the economy in shambles, more and more women will set a athlete up for a case. My advice to all athletes is to think twice before laying down with a hoe. Remember it’s your word against hers and guess who the cops are going to believe.

  • Then =\= than

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