Columnist Says Derrick Rose Isn’t Humble; He’s Quiet Because He’s A Bad Speaker

Derrick Rose gets slammed by local columnist.

Reports came out a few days ago that Derrick Rose is concerned about the future of the Bulls. Chicago is currently (9-15) and all indications point to them letting Luol Deng walk and they could amnesty Carlos Boozer.

These early signs have one Chicago columnist all fired up. Dan Bernstein of CBSChicago took major shots at Rose’s character in his latest column:

“Complaining while not playing is a bad look for someone who has sold a phony reputation as a humble, team-oriented kid.”

“He’ll take every last dollar, and enjoy all the team-supplied resources for medical consultations, surgeries, rehabilitation programs, and various therapists, only to ignore their professional opinions just because he feels like it.”

“It takes some nerve to call out his employers after they have paid him 30 percent of their salary cap to miss consecutive seasons.”

It doesn’t help anything that Rose is not among the brightest bulbs, and that he still lives in an insular camp of cronies that is too often at odds with his team. It was understandable for him to be shielded from Englewood gangs and other unsavory influences enough to get him a fair shot at a pro career, but enough already. He’s 25 years old, in his fifth NBA season, is worth a quarter-billion dollars and has a family of his own, yet his uneducated oaf of an older brother remains the empowered svengali.

Reggie Rose is a clown, using the guise of brotherly love to aggrandize himself after a failed career as both player and coach that was marked by bizarre, immature behavior.

He says he’s all about winning a championship, but then he carps about rebuilding when it appears his team is trying to do what it must to give him that very opportunity. That’s just dumb.

And it’s certainly not humble, so we can stop with that. The quiet superstar is quiet not because he is naturally self-effacing, but because he is bad at talking.

In a NBA where you need multiple superstars to compete for a championship, it’s hard to blame Rose for having his concerns. He’s playing for his hometown team and I bet it would kill him to leave in LeBron like fashion.

15 thoughts on “Columnist Says Derrick Rose Isn’t Humble; He’s Quiet Because He’s A Bad Speaker

  • Rose can’t shoot worth a…

  • Karma is a bitc#, and Rose is getting his. He missed a golden opportunity to solidify his legacy by coming back from his knee injury and helping his team get to (and through) the Playoffs. Instead, he chose to slam dunk before games and then sit in street clothes and urge his teammates to try harder. Now he may never set foot on the court again (since he will only play if he is “100%), while sucking up a major portion of his team’s salary cap. And to snipe at the team’s moves as it tries to move on without him is just classless. He doesn’t have a warrior’s heart, just fantastic skills. He’s the Tin Man in the NBA’s Oz.

    • I was referring to the 2012 run; sorry, left that little bit of info out.

  • Dan Bernstein is a childish, little, whiney, wimpy weasel that makes his living bashing athletes because he is jealous of them and ashamed of his own girly man shortcomings. The only people that listen to him are the turds that are like him.

  • Wait till next year. If he is medically cleared and doesn’t play, then you have either head case (fear) or someone who believes that he has lost too much physically to be the same player he was, which is another species of fear. The great ones adjust to their declining physical abilities. What? Is he the first athlete who might have to adjust to being less than he was physically when he was 21?

  • I’m so glad I found your article. This is what I’ve been saying! Everyone says the Bulls are nothing without Rose and wait until next year. What?! They sucked until he got hurt and the traded Deng. Then they became better and better every week.

    Rose played 10 games in 2 years. 2 years. I still say Chicago, and I live here and love the Bulls, should lose the money on Rose – he’s not playing anyway – and trade him. Take the hit. Who cares? He has no reason to be arrogant before or now.

    Try being articulate, a team player, and humble. Never going to happen with him. Ever watch him at the games? Most of the time, he’s looking around at the audience. He doesn’t care. He just wants a multi-million dollar paycheck.

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