Cowboys Sign 41-Year-Old Jon Kitna to Be Backup QB

Giants vs. Cowboys NYDN

I guess Roger Staubach wasn’t available. Kitna is one winter break from being a math teacher at Lincoln High School in Washington.

3 thoughts on “Cowboys Sign 41-Year-Old Jon Kitna to Be Backup QB

  • It was only twenty years ago when the Cowboys’ dynasty was unstoppable. In 2013, the Cowboys can’t stop anybody. Cowboys fans, don’t blame it on Romo, don’t blame it on Garrett, blame it on Jerry Jones. Too bad you can’t fire the owner.

  • Can Jon Kitna throw the football twenty yards down field? Does Jon Kitna know the plays?

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but Kitna was Romo’s backup in 2010 the last time Romo got seriously injured. Jason Garrett was the offensive coordinator and interim head coach that year so I would assume Kitna knows the plays. His arm strength is another conversation entirely.

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