Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Takes Blame For Romo’s Final Interception


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley said don’t blame quarterback Tony Romo for Sunday’s loss to Green Bay.

Beasley instead said put part of the blame on him for the final interception that cost the Cowboys their biggest blown lead in years.

Romo tried to hit Beasley on a short out pattern to the route, but Beasley stopped on his route. Romo’s pass was intercepted by Green Bay cornerback Tramon Williams at the Cowboys’ 32-yard line.

“I just saw the corner and throttled down in the hole Beasley told the Dallas Morning News.”

“I don’t have the option to do that on that play,” Beasley said. “I should have kept going. I felt it. I have a good feel for holes and I felt a little hole right there but on that play I can’t really read it like that. I just have to keep going. On other plays I can do that but on that one I couldn’t. If I would have kept running, he would have hit me right in stride.”

I agree with Beasley who heartedly.

Most importantly though, Romo should have kept the play a run.

One thought on “Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Takes Blame For Romo’s Final Interception

  • He is lying. Romo read the defense wrong. If WR keeps going he would be blown up and concussed. All plays have option of WR sitting in hole if they read cover 2.

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