D Wade’s New Baby Mama Wrote Letter to Gabby Union About Affair in Feb

Back in February when we originally posted this, I didn’t think much of it.  Side chicks and groupies do these type of things all the time.

In light of the woman actually having D Wade’s child it looks like at least a part of this open letter she wrote was true.

So it’s only right I put Dwyane Wade on blast. First and foremost i’d like to thank ***** Wade, his cousin for booking my numerous of flights. 

Ohh yea, hi Ms. Union. Good too see you stuck around and have a few more pieces of clothing inside of his house. The kitchen looks great by the way. I love the new counter tops. I would also like to thank Rich, the chef for his amazing breakfast. His cookies are the best. 

And last but not least I’d like to thank Dwayne for always making me feel comfortable on your side of the bed. Hiding pictures in your drawer. You know the night stand next to your side of the bed, the one with the two drawers. Think the picture is the one with you and Sanaa Lathan in it. 

Also Gabrielle you are a little to old to be making Valentines day Photo albums. Leave that to the young girls your man cheats on you with. Dont believe me, I took a picture of the picture. 

FYI your man likes fat asses you might need to get you one. Last but not least. I will send you a picture of the bags your man left in the hotel room i f*cked him in. lol 

There use to be some decorum in these cheating streets, but not so much anymore. You can read up on the baby mama and check out the birth certificate here.


182 thoughts on “D Wade’s New Baby Mama Wrote Letter to Gabby Union About Affair in Feb

  • So what’s the point with these side chicks trying to expose dudes…..this chick had No Problem banging Dwade on the side but now she wants the main chick to know all about it….WTF…….I guess she’s a side chick on the come up…..she hit the baby mama lottery and is now getting her 15 minutes……good luck with that

    • I think most side chicks are side chicks because they want to defeat the main chick. It’s not even about able to say, “I was with Dwayne” but rather, “Gabby, I was with your man.”

      • soo right . . .lack of confidence trying to compete. . .what does she have to be proud of?? shes just dirty sleeping without a condom, in another womans bed, that she knows for a month. . . and as for fat a*s . . . more like just plain ole fat from the waist down/. . . men like women who will sex them even tho they know they have a woman . . its not cause shes got anything on ms union. . .side chics just gross

        • You so right and she talkn about get as looks link that’s wat she did pic one and three really no ass then pic 2 a lil more Chile have 2 seats gabby shape is real onedshape not a fake ass bought shape

      • D. Wade is to blame here……..Gabby nor side-piece should be the focus.


          HE is the one in the wrong for cheating and HE is in the wrong for not checking the chick. There are many sidepieces who’d NEVER try this with a main chick because they know there’d be repercussions. He had ole girl sleepin in their bed?!? Couldn’t even take her to the notel motel?!? She just took advantage of his stupidity.

          Be mad at his nasty, hitting it raw-dog, ass.

          • You are so right. She did exactly what I thought she would eventually do. Completely his fault, I hope Gabrielle gets far away from him.

  • I can’t believe that D-Wade would want a skank like this- She’s not even good looking….. and she’s got a “trailer-trash” mentality……

  • this is so tacky and just a damn shame!! At the end of the day he still wit gabrielle and proposed to her besides even if she decided not to be with him she would still be alright cause she is her own woman and can have what she wants in life

  • It amazes me that someone would want to come at another person’s neck with the bull shitand fuckery. You was not even the side chick. You were just the fast ass who spread your legs for a basketball player. They all do the dirt but at the end of the day what you gettin. Oh yeah child support so the fuck what. She got the ring and the man regardless of the flaws. And boo boo you know he told her about you already. She not even concerned about you like that. Dwade and tabby were on a break . So you don’t even count as someone to come between them. You are a non mutha Fucking factor. So sad that you had to go raw dash to get some steady flow of cash lmfao. Triflin cunt.

    • well said

  • This is kinda like gabby’s character geneva in Cadillac Records. You know when muddy waters came home drunk and she’s sitting on the bed holding a baby from some other woman muddy knocked up. That’s what she wanna deal with, if she feels he’s worth it,more power to her. Dealing with an ex-wife,groupie baby mama and
    4 kids and not one of her own….damn.

    • smh…She should give the man his big ass ring back and walk away from that life with him…No matter how much the ring costs…it will never compare to the costs of committing to a man who disregards your feelings…Gabby is a woman without children…that man has children with his ex-wife and now the one on the way…It isn’t like she can’t survive without him…be with someone who adores you…someone whose time it not going to be divided between you and another woman’s child. Whether she realizes it or not, she is the other woman. The child will always have a hold on him…the child will always come first and the mother will ALWAYS be a huge part of D Wade’s life. Gabby’s self esteem must be at an all time low…D Wade doesn’t even exhibit the power to check his baby mama. He allowed her to write to his fiance something that childish and shallow. Her ass is what he has that has ultimate hold on him? Really…???!!! Shallow and no substance…he’s weak and how can you respect a man to hold the title of husband over your life?

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