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D Wade’s New Baby Mama Wrote Letter to Gabby Union About Affair in Feb

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
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Back in February when we originally posted this, I didn’t think much of it.  Side chicks and groupies do these type of things all the time.

In light of the woman actually having D Wade’s child it looks like at least a part of this open letter she wrote was true.

So it’s only right I put Dwyane Wade on blast. First and foremost i’d like to thank ***** Wade, his cousin for booking my numerous of flights. 

Ohh yea, hi Ms. Union. Good too see you stuck around and have a few more pieces of clothing inside of his house. The kitchen looks great by the way. I love the new counter tops. I would also like to thank Rich, the chef for his amazing breakfast. His cookies are the best. 

And last but not least I’d like to thank Dwayne for always making me feel comfortable on your side of the bed. Hiding pictures in your drawer. You know the night stand next to your side of the bed, the one with the two drawers. Think the picture is the one with you and Sanaa Lathan in it. 

Also Gabrielle you are a little to old to be making Valentines day Photo albums. Leave that to the young girls your man cheats on you with. Dont believe me, I took a picture of the picture. 

FYI your man likes fat asses you might need to get you one. Last but not least. I will send you a picture of the bags your man left in the hotel room i f*cked him in. lol 

There use to be some decorum in these cheating streets, but not so much anymore. You can read up on the baby mama and check out the birth certificate here.


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  1. Starr says:

    While Union may have played by this man, his baby’s mother feels that she has it better? Ladies get a grip on yourself. Stop giving these men the time of day, many for the sake of making a future for yourself as opposed to getting out a making an honest living for yourself. This behavior is unacceptable on all levels. If it were a break, you come back from breaks, so it was not a break, he was just being who he was and doing what he wanted to do. Union, you are not his priority and BM, you clearly are not either. So, if you choose him for whatever reasons, so be it, understand that you both play a role and its not his main chick. You are his CCs and that is all you will ever be until he better understands the true essence of a relationship. LOL. Silly rabbits. Tricks are for kids.

    • KH says:

      She is a bitter little girl who is getting back a D-DUMB WADE. While she shares all of her business, it just shows you not only how insecure, lonely, and stupid she is, but also how ignorant and arrogant Dumb Wade is. He had to get the forbidden fruit! He should have called Michael “The Adulterer Jordan.”

    • KH says:

      Let me guess. He met her, when he was with some of his b-ball buddies, at a strip club. Ladies, instead of trying to get baller money, go to school and at a real job-a job that you can look back and be proud of. If these guys continue to think they are invincible, we will have another case of “HIV”- Magic, murder-suicide-McNair,and baby mama-with unborn killings- Caruth. When will they wake up?

  2. Riseupppp says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Gabriel Union his side chick at one point while he was with his wife??? I guess she assumed he would not do her the same…..guess again! These are three black adults in the media eyes that is making us look worst…..not bad….worst!!!

  3. Not surprised says:

    All parties involved are idiots. 1. Gabrielle what goes around comes around. ..karma is a b. 2. Side chick..really, what point did you make? All you confirmed was that you are a hoe and will probably never be anyone’s main chick. But I understand you got to get in where you fit in. Welfare only covers so much. 3. Mr. Wade….dumb ass! Who has sex with a random without protection? Really? At least Gabrielle wasn’t trying to be your baby momma. Again I say dumb ass. You’ve invited a nasty b to be apart of your life forever. …Once again. ..dumb ass!

    • Niecey says:

      AMEN AGAIN!!!

    • Beeno says:

      Well said. Except I don’t know if GB was a side chick. If so, then, she had it coming.

    • Ouch says:

      Agreed!!! Didn’t know Gaby was ever a side chick. I don’t keep up-to-date with the news all the time. If she was…well, some bad karma. Newborn? while he been with Gaby for years? and side chick now showing herself because Gaby got the ring? I couldn’t have said it better though, @ Not Surprised…..Wade is a Dumb A**

  4. SSSMMDDHHHH says:

    Sad part is it’s not like D. WADE denied anything, Baby Mama you are the one looking stupid. JUST STOP!!!! before you embarrass yourself any further…….S/B: Please don’t brag about asses cause yours looks sloppy and fake. Just take the child support and get on with your life.

    • Niecey says:

      HAHAHAH!!! IKR!! Everything she has is prolly fake. She mad that she thought a baby would get her mo $$$. Child support is for the child and like a side chick you banking without a man!!! ONE THING she will never achieve

      • DaraK says:

        WELL she has two daughters by Damon Wayans, Jr. So she know how to pick them, smh

        • Kim says:

          She Didn’t pick too well because she is still single with 3 children on to he next. Getting preggo is not a guarantee to make a man stay. Then can’t they have some respect for themselves and the kids

    • Beeno says:

      The saddest part of it all is that DWade has a child with this person. Children don’t ask to come into this world and this one was born so that the mother could be rich. SAD!!

  5. hoodrat slapper says:


    • AJ says:


    • Niecey says:

      AMEN!!! SOUNDS Like she mad bc she is the mistress and Gabby stickin’ by him.. HOMEWRECKER thought she had the goods to wreck.. Obviously that ass wasnt thick enough to keep a man.. Lol silly hoe stay in ya lane SIDE CHICK ENVY

    • yo mama says:

      Go fuck Yourself, Let me guess you another tired Ass nigga who is Thousand dollars behind in childsupport Or a Cracker Ass White Bitch Am I right? ???? LOL

    • yo mama says:

      Go fuck Yourself let me guess you another tired Ass nigga who is Thousands of dollars behind in childsupport Or a flat chested Ass Cracker bitch

    • Mitt says:

      Hoods napper lol whatever your name is you sound like another uneducated deadbeat sorry ass dick in the Ass black Man Or are you a wet dog smelling cracker bitch I could be wrong tho ltfol

  6. sandra says:

    This guy is a nasty man. He and Gabby have been dating for years and he has a new born. He has turned out to be an embarresment. My daughter said she thinks Gabby is gay and her relationship with Wade is nothing more than an arrangement.

  7. alwayssunny_ga says:


  8. afraries says:

    Hey what comes around goes around. Gabrielle was bedwenching for Dwade while he was with the other woman. So I guess this other woman is doing a number on her now. Still homegirl is being real tacky. Instead of being discreet she is high siding his business all in the street. This is embarassing for Dwade and Union. Dwade should learn to pick women who will keep their business private because everybody knowin your business means you aint got no business. Ya business is all in the streets. That aint no good. Fa real.

  9. SUGAR says:

    Allllll in this shit fuck that!! I like Gabby she and actress what is this chick oh a groupee.. SIDE CHICKS SPITTING OUT BABIES DONT HOLD A MAN no one told you, you will always be a side chick and just like u fucked wade you’ll be moving on to the next one you portray yourself and a slut a porn star A WOMAN HOLDS A MAN NOT A SIDE CHICK… lol this chick the new BABYmama she doing to fucking much with OPEN LETTER n SHIT LIKE SHE Doing SOMETHING …SO okay you fucked him looking for a check and sowhat now you have a baby there goes ya check better then the welfare check you been getting from the goverment!!! hahah but guess what you aren’t wifey material you didn’t get the RING BITCH .. well maybe you get SOME fame by posting all pictures of your ass all over the internet goes to show you don’t have any class like Gabby I suppose you don’t have shit going for you pass that store brought ass lol!!! …HOLD ON GABBY I GOT THIS … and for the record he said ya ass stink post that on a blog so what eles is new ..bet ya wont get a invite to the wedding or a engagement RING … oh P.S. WADE learn to keep ya dick inya pants wrap up ya dick for you be like magic damn you nasty man okay im done with this nastiness SMGDH

  10. peanut says:

    Awght!!!! Fuck roun’ and get your baby snatched!!! We all know Wade don’t play with that baby mama drama shit!!!!

  11. Dee says:

    Such a disgrace. Have you no pride or respect for yourself. You knowingly slept with an engaged man! What do you want an award? It just shows the classless woman you are and your jealousy and disrespect of Gabrielle. Woman have to do better. Stop trying to Hutt one another. Find your own man, love yourself, and maybe he’ll propose to you. Smh. What was the point of this letter again????

  12. dfleur says:

    the fact that she has to write a nasty letter to Gabrielle shows how nasty and childish she is..shes nothing but a whore lookin for a check. dumb ass d wade fell for that el stupido. now he gotta deal with her for years to come. another bitter ass baby mamma with a fake ass hating on a women that accomplished more in her life than that el stupido will ever accomplish. Gabrielle worked hard for her status.. she didnt have to go fuck men to gain a status.. Gabrielle deserves a better man! leave d wade with that hoe. they deserve each other. Gabrielle deserves so much better.

  13. So what says:

    Get over it. Who cares. You all cheat and some of you are cheating while your writing these comments. #whoCares

  14. Stupid ass mofo’s….can u fellas stop taking advantage of the young dumb dilly broads…now u have to pay her so much money that will inturn make her ass into a rich monster. crazy…next time know ur self worth guys and girls…mess with someone who has the same amount or more than you. You a ball player..u should be messing with poloticians daughters and owners of popeyes of mcdonalds or some shit lol fools i tell you fools with money

  15. Nae-nae says:

    You know at the end of the day it’s all on the DWade he went out and cheated that girl is Single so she could do what she want or who she want to place the blame where need to be on DWade. This girl did not put a gun to his head to F*** her and without A condom.

  16. becky says:

    This is not the girl who has the kids this is another chick. The mom of the baby is Aja, the woman in the pics above is Sandra.

  17. Barb says:

    His baby momma didn’t write that. It was some loser groupie who actually thinks that she has some power over another woman. That lack of sisterhood & respect is the main reason why men don’t respect us.

    I’ll never forget what Victoria Beckham said, “I don’t like women who don’t like women.” That groupie is exactly the kind of woman Victoria is talking about.

  18. PJ says:

    So she is a ho and she put herself on blast for hoing, with a man she knows is with someone else….I don’t get it. He is a hoe and so is the trick that he effed. I mean seriously some of you ladies need to get a grip, your a piece of a** not too much to be proud of, but today is a new day I guess and ho’s are proud ho’s.

  19. YaYa says:

    That’s Gabby has the ring! Sideline dummies!

  20. DD says:

    She just another bitter side chick mad cause he didnt give her the ring instead!!! She needs to go jump off a bridge somewhere. Pathtic how these new women are, they have no self-esteem or respect for themselves. They rather get pregnant and then tell. So what bytch you gotta check thats all. You better watch yourself cause Dwade ass will get custody of that one too.

  21. MsGucci2x says:

    The thirst is definitely real bitch go sum where and get yo ass sum business , it happened so wat now u hav ababy that u need to be an example for after u all done throwin shade aint nuthin gonna change but the weather GABRIELLE UNION IS HIS QUEEN, SHE HAS THE RING AND SHE THE ONE ON TOP u not doin nuthin but havin people shake they head at u cuz tbh I really feel sorry for u and u givin urself a bad name im not gona say women cuz I definitely dont act like that go sumwhere and be a MOTHER to ur kids before there fathers get them then yo ass wont hav them

  22. Addictivepersonality says:

    Ok let me find out you y’all defending one side over the other the only difference is Gabrielle Union got her a ring but just a engagement ring she hasn’t jump nobody’s broom yet but wait hold up wasn’t she a side chick (Gabriel Union) Karma is a bitch! Both of the the women involved have to self esteem going after other women’s men Gabrielle Union trying to go from side chick to his only chick sorry honty thats not going to happen he wants to comment we got a baby out of pain who’s pain if Gabrielle such a pain why are you with her?????????????

  23. Orion says:

    Look there are no good guys here except the numerous kids.

    D Wade is a dumbass leaky dick bastard who has a bunch of kids with jersey-chasing hoes and he likes older women because he has mama issued. He fucked that fat slob Star Jones (or she sucked his d*ck as he says) and has no discretion when it comes to women. The only thing I can say for him is he has f*cked a man–yet. He’s just wearing the clothes.

    Gabrielle Union is a 41 year old, home-wrecking hoe who fucked Wade while he was still married and in marriage counseling! He did the same thing to Jason Kidd, the Rock and several others while she was married. She hit bottom then went to fatass Oprah crying about a 25 year old rape to get her career back. Remember D Wade’s ex accused him of getting herpes from Union and giving it to her and she sued Gabrielle who is not innocent but a calculating, flat-backing slut. And her girl Sanaa fucked Denzel Washington and tried t take him from his wife and kids. Didn’t work. Hoes of a feather ho together.

    And this baby mama is another two=bit hoe who everyone knows would suck any d*ck for a VIP tag. She had two babies by Wayans Jr. who would never marry her because he fucked white girls and will marry one.

    D Wade only proposed on advice of PR people who know his ex-wife will use this to open up custody talks again.

  24. keyshia says:

    I must say that it is very distasteful but i felt that GUnion got what she deserved now the ex wife is sitting back laughing at it all. See truth is there is two sides to every story, There is no way i would accept anything from a man ho publicly humiliated me and shamed me, but she got that Karma that was coming to her, but i just dont understand all this money these professional athletes have, why they dont invest in protection?

  25. Lisa Leverett says:

    Happy New Year;

    Since we were not present in DWade life when he was with his wife and don’t know what role GU played, we should not point fingers. As for the baby momma troubles, the young lady is very insecure and codependent on someone else funds. The baby is only a financial gain for her and she was a cheap piece of _______, now that she has the baby she will make money. Sad situation, if she only had gone out and got a real job she may have made more. Trashing and telling another woman what you found in her bedroom makes you a cheap whore, yes cheap whore not with a baby that you will care for 18+ years. One thing for you remember if you lay down in shit you are shit.

  26. Glo Johnson says:

    Did this bitch just admit to fucking for hand bags!!! One time for chef rich and them dye ass cookies. She had nothing better else to do but sit down and write a letter. Obviously she a lonely bitch and needed wade as a life saver because she’s 30 with two other kids. Wade was a money scam of course. Gabrielle is smart by not responding.

  27. nanbee says:

    Where do they find these hood rat low-lifes!!! Stupid is as stupid does. Poor Wayans family.

  28. nikki says:

    So…..its GU’s fault D Wade slept around on “his” wife…some people need to get a life and stay out of everybody else’s. You all act like they married now….she doesn’t get what she deserves ……DW getting what he deserves.. if GU and DW breaks up…then its the next woman’s problems. And for the baby mama….she has to be one of the lowest self esteem persons out there. Do you really think GU cares about you and what you saying. DW has to pay not her. Some of y’all are worst then the baby mama.

  29. uihioabrgoeb says:

    How sad is it that this whore is raising 2 daughters? If D Wade is going to sleep around he should at least protect himself and do it with women without kids that are just young and living the life and know their place. This bitch thinks she made something of herself or that she’s somehow respected because a millionaire spent $200 on a plane ticket. He spends that much at McDonald’s. Big deal.

    It does suck all this went on behind GU’s back… don’t know if she was the sidechick before but whatev… I just don’t know what would make a man so stupid to take those risks with a REKNOWNED messy gold digger with the mentality of a deranged 12 year old. At least raw stick a quiet hoe who don’t think she shit…

  30. miranda says:

    Wow. The side chicks 15 seconds of fame and she uses it to embarrass herself. You know I feel bad for Gabrielle Union, because she is a beautiful, classy woman who deserves better than this. Now I’m pretty sure this lil trick just trying to get attention, I guess that’s obvious. I mean we know you have a baby with D Wade, congratulations… but newsflash you are not the first ever BABY MAMA, which is all you will ever be. You think this man is gonna what… leave gabrielle union for you after seeing this ignorant letter. Chick please… what you need to do is stop being a hoe chasing the rich and famous, getting knocked up and bringing children into your world. You are far from what a mother is or should be. Take Lil Wayne for example… that man got too many baby mama’s, but not one of those women act as you have and diss the other. Hell Lauren London and Nivea was preggers at the same time and you don’t see them acting like children… no they are raising their children. Grow up or be a hoe, whatever, but you are sad excuse for a mother!

  31. joyce kennedy says:


  32. Felicia says:

    If you really followed the story (not the tabloids) Gabby was did not break up D.Wades marriage. His ex-wife was mentally unstable and he wasn’t happy and feared for the safety of his children. That’s why the courts awarded him custody of the children. The courts almost never take children from the mother unless she is unfit or for safety. They had already filed for divorce and were trying settle things when him and Gabby started dating. When the ex-wife found out about Gabby, she went to the media and whoever would listen saying she wants to save her marriage. Their marriage was already over. He was foul for cheating and this letter was written back in Feb.2013, not since they got engaged. Gabby forgave him and he made things official proposing to her, I think to show he was serious…but however; they seem happy, she accepts the child, and that side chick need to go have a stadium of seats! LOL

  33. Felicia says:

    Sorry about the typos…(auto correct)LOL

  34. Patricia says:

    I know you lose him how you get him and I’ve never liked dewayne cos he did his wife wrong. People can say she’s crazy but a man will make your ass crazy if you let him .

    As for this CUM DUMP he’s sleeping with now?
    If he really wanted her to be his main piece instead of a 2 piece ( legs and thighs)
    Then he would have proposed to her instead.

  35. Krisseee G says:

    The baby mama just made a plump fool of her self D. Wade is not the first or the last jerk to cheat, why trying and make Gabrielle, when the jump off is splashing aroung in another woman;s bed, go be a mother to your children quit playing games

  36. Rose says:

    This heffa sound so stupid I guess she can’t understand she was only a hit and run. She’s talking abt he likes fat asses, trick that’s all you are a fat free ass gold digger trying to score on some money. I mean did you think he was gonna marry you and make you legit slut pls. You a side chick know your place and stop making yourself look so damn thirsty, obviously you’re not wife material otherwise Damon Jr would have put a ring on it. These female seriously has no selfworth.

  37. Tiger's Point says:

    It sad when petty female feel the need to contact (The Main Woman) First of all the details u providing IS PUBLIC INFORMATION. How many stars allow cameras in there homes????(Magazines, Newspapers,,,, heck anyone remember MTVCribs) Not denying what has happen, but she is being very petty. A young lady posted something early that made sense! Yeah? She has “money” -lol it really means nothing b/c it’s “New Money” & NOT “Old Money” but anyway her BD’s both have MOOOORE money than her. From a law stand point of this D. WayansJr. – she isn’t being a good example of a FIT MOTHER “wink wink” & even tho D wade has a track record of infidelity WAIT>>>So She Likes Men With The Initals D.W…..anyway lol HE DOES have custody of his boys soooo with that being said Who’s Gonna Be Laughing When Both The BD’s Get Custody Of Their Kids” I guess she didn’t plan ahead & think about that before acting out so foolish! You better get ur mind right little girl. Know Your Place & SHUT THE HELL UP. You Dnt even have enough dirt to get a book deal. I take it this the best u can do!!! PETTY BETTY

  38. Tiger's Point says:

    Sorry about the typos!

  39. Donna says:

    A woman like that is a miserable “Trick” that is just mad because he did not put a ring on Her, she got exactly what trashy Beotches like her deserve a WET Ass and a Funky Pu$$ gone Gabrielle do you and “F” the hateful Hoes that try and make you miserable you got the man in the end as for BM she is a BITTER STANK HOE.

  40. Bernita says:

    Gabby is the stupid one here. Get out of the relationship before it’s too late.

  41. Bernita says:

    Also, just another thought. What goes around…comes around. Gabby cheated with Dwayne when he was married; he’s cheating on her before they are married, so she know, he is going to do it again. A break from her – he should have been doing everything he could to get her back.
    If she goes through with this, she deserves what she gets.

  42. TheUrbanPoet says:


    L.O.T.S. (L.ady O.n T.he S.ide)

    Love is the necessity in each beat of your heart
    More than a band aid, the strongest thread when it is torn apart
    After minutes hours days months even years from the very start
    The origin., a positive poison saturating the tip of cupids dart

    yet the strongest of loves I bet the majority has an antidote
    one comes to mind under a desk one did find a stain on a blue dress or coat
    Another antidote caused a wife to be killed by her husband out at sea on his boat
    most are not so gross intimately creating time for a champagne toast an invitation via a secret note

    Let’s just say Society frowns on the engaged/married people sneaking around
    Always asking why couldn’t they give it another try before laying outside down
    Never offering a therapeutic reason for smiles flipped into a frown
    Overlooking not really hooking she is a beauty living in his condo downtown

    Hidden dreams so she seems to the significant other a wynch with her thighs open wide
    A home breaker loose booty shaker a wanna be bride sacrificing her body and pride
    He sometimes see’s her naked wearing a fur the right girl for drinks simple fun in whom he confides
    Her time infinity a priceless amenity a situation mean to be is his

    Lady on the side


  43. Keepit100 says:


  44. Melissa says:

    SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?? The dumbest person in this threesome is Ms. Union. Does that 8 carat ring make up for the lack of love or morals he showed by sleeping with this chick with no protection or even at all? You are away making your movies and tv shows and he’s out balling & “ballon” raw dog!! HOW MUCH MORE DISRESPECTFUL CAN YOU GET? And how can you possibly marry a man who would put you through this? You deserve so much better!

  45. Maddnesslive says:

    I am sharing this story to my visitors:
    Dwayne Wade Baby Mama sends Gabrielle Union a letter about Affair:http://sports.maddnesslive.com/dwayne-wade-baby-mama-sends-gabrielle-union-letter-affair/

  46. Edna says:

    I read some of these remarks and they sound like haters. With all this social media celebrities life is not private, that’s
    why Gabrielle don’t read non of your sh.t. Gabrielle was not seeing wade when he was married. You poor ass souls are miserable and love writing garbage. Try getting a life for yourself. I’ve always love Gabrielle for her choice of work in the industries, wade is dam lucky she said yes to his proposal. For the gold digger, that’s what she is, and writing this childish letter makes Aja Metoyer look stupid,

  47. lialea says:

    Sad to say but i called some shit like this going down with them a long time ago.. and yes!what goes around-sho-nuff come right back.. mark my words..watch that engagement be just that..(no futher)!! If gabby had brains,she would get out of this mess now b4 it becomes bat-shit crazy!!

  48. T says:

    lol this is actually funny. She thinks she looks better after posting this mess. Way to go Mom you just totally embarassed your children. You are quite the role model I might add. Sit down silly rabbit tricks are for kids and you are clearly one.

  49. Lois Lane says:

    D Wade sexed a very low class woman then got her pregnant while in a relationship with Gabrielle Union who basically came between him and his first wife Siohvaughn Funches, It’s no secret that Flash has often cheated, been unfaithful to Gabby. His latest new baby mama per the childish … letter written above now has a meal ticket and drama to present.

  50. Exodus says:

    Dearest Sandrina, Gabby has the ring bit**. signed everyone

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