Damon Wayans Jr. Baby Mama Aja Metoyer is Mom of Wade’s Love Child (Photos)

TMZ has tracked down the birth certificate (1st photo above) of Wade’s Love Child.

The kid is named Xavier Zechariah Wade, the mother Aja Metoyer (photos above) is 30 and already has two kids (one with Damon Wayans Jr).

Dwyane Wade Drama

14 thoughts on “Damon Wayans Jr. Baby Mama Aja Metoyer is Mom of Wade’s Love Child (Photos)

  • No respect whatsoever for this man.

  • This child was conceived while Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union were not together. Why this woman is so angry with Gabrielle Union, I will never know. Gabrielle has always carried herself like a lady-with dignity and class. Aja cannot be upset that Dwayne did not wife her. She’s a classless gold digging nothing. She can’t be surprised that after dealing with her, he decided Gabby was a better choice. Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t choose a classy self sufficient, beautiful woman over the jump off who already has a baby daddy. Ladies wait until AFTER the wedding to get pregnant. Otherwise, all you’ll ever be is a baby mama and he will marry someone else.

  • You can say what you want but she bout to get paid for the next 18yrs

    • I guess you make your living doing what youre good at or experienced at. She sounds like she only knows how to make a buck on her back. Her parents (and her child) must be so proud.

  • This aja chic is pathetic… I feel so sorry for her.. Yes, she will get paid for the next 18 yrs if Dawyane don’t get custody of the baby. I think it’s sad for these women to get all this child support for nothing. I feel a woman should not get child support unless they are married or was married to the father.. I bet that would put a stop to all these hoes getting pregnant just to get an income. It is so sad that she is stalking Gabriella the way she is.. aja, little girl, trick, booty call or whatever you are get a life. Go get a job nd stop trying to make Gabby’s life miserable cause from the look of it you are one foot in the grave from misery.

    • Sabrina, you need 2 people to make a baby. So please stop all insulting her. He knew who she was when he slept with her. And when he cheated on Gabrielle they were not on a break, check, or Google some of the texts she sent at the time the child was conceived. And Gabrielle is not such a class act as you all would want to infer, please follow the interview/show she had with Oprah. She had and I quote one of the “MEAN GIRL”. So, please stop judging/assuming things about people we don’t know.

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