DeAndre Levy Says The Lions Got Caught Looking Ahead


What in the hell is DeAndre Levy talking about.

Looking ahead to what.

The Lions were eliminated from the playoff hunt at home by a team that seemed to be in a more dire situation than they were.

That made five losses in six games for the Lions, so it’s puzzling that talented linebacker DeAndre Levy told MLive that the he thought the Lions got caught looking ahead.

“I think we just got ahead of ourselves and we created a situation,” Levy said, via “I think we thought, being in the position we were in, we thought it would be handed to us. As players, we’ve got to tighten up, we’ve got to approach every game one game at a time.”

When asked what the issue was, Levy blamed it on veteran leadership, and not head coach Jim Schwartz.

“It’s on us as veterans, leaders, older guys that have played some football, to get everybody together on the same page.”

No one was thinking ahead in the moments after the game. Players were somber, reflective, quiet. But none more than Levy.

“We let everybody down. We let the organization down, the city down, the coaches down. We just have to regroup.”

I’m still confused as to what the 7-7 Lions were looking ahead to.