Deion Sanders: “RGIII needed a little humble pie”

Deion Sanders NFL Draft 1

With all the reports coming our of Washington about RGIII’s attitude, play on the field, and endorsements off it many people have chimed in on what he needs to do. The latest person to make a statement about RGIII is Deion Sanders who says Griffin needed some “humble pie”:

“RGIII needed a little humble pie,” said Deion Sanders, via the DC Sports Bog. “We all know what’s happening behind the curtain. Some of his teammates on the team say he got a little bit beside himself in his fame. He may have needed a little humble pie. And nobody’s saying anything about this defense, which is horrible. Let’s not put all this stuff on Kyle Shanahan or RGIII or the special teams. This defense is giving up 31 a game. I’ve gots to get 32 just to stay in the game. Let’s get that straight. All of us, in some form or fashion during our career, we’re humbled at some point. Either it comes early or it comes late. He’s getting his now, and I’m sure he’s gonna bounce back.”

Now I will admit that when you read the full quote it’s not as bad and I am glad someone is pointing out the horrible defense he has. However, I’m not sure “Primetime” should be the one telling a player to eat some humble pie.