DeSean Jackson Dating Ashanti (Photos)

DeSean Jackson loves money, so we should have expected that D-Jac would come out and ball this season, especially with a possible contract restructure looming.

Jackson celebrated his 27th birthday on Monday and was joined by his mother, two fire birthday cakes, and R&B singer Ashanti.

According to Crossing Broad, Jackson took it easy.

Philadelphia, PA — Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson celebrated his 27th birthday on Monday. He was joined by his mother, Gayle, and two cakes: one showcasing a “stack” of Benjamins, and another with a Mercedes Benz.

On Sunday night, after the Eagles beat the Arizona Cardinals in an NFL matchup, Jackson was joined out on the town by 33-year-old singer Ashanti, best known for Foolish and Fat Joe’s What’s Luv?

I see you DeSean.

DeSean Jackson Ashanti

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