Donovan McNabb Says Locker Room Has Turned on RG3


Donovan McNabb

One problem with McNabb, he is so biased against the Redskins, it is hard to know if he is telling the truth or just tying to pile on.

Here is what he had to say about the RG3 situation.

“This is about Mike Shanahan. Mike and [offensive coordinator] Kyle Shanahan trying to show why they feel like Kirk Cousins gives them the best chance of winning. So many things have leaked out, and I’ve always kept my ear on things that are happening with the Washington Redskins, teams that I’ve played with. And when you hear reporters that I know are linked to Mike Shanahan talk about [RGIII’s] preparation, you talk about he’s missing some reads, you know, he’s not reading some things. And I knew that he was big on having Kirk Cousins to get out there and run the offense.”

“I think that the locker room has turned their back on RGIII, and now you’ve solidified it.”

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  1. Donovan Mcnabb predicted this would happen over the summer but RG3 didn’t want to listen. Bet held make phone call over the summer. Just a reminder you’re never bigger than the game you play.

    • Exactly. McNabb has tried to educate a number of these young (and dumb) black QB’s about the realities of the league. Unfortunately these young QB’s try not to “rock the boat” and assume that they will be the exception to the rule. RG3 is simply the latest and memories of last season’s playoff run have already faded.

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