Dwight Howard Buys James Harden $40k Watch for Christmas (Photo)


Rich people gift exchanges are a little different than your office secret santa.

Dwight Howard James Harden

H/T Jocks and Stiletto Jill

4 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Buys James Harden $40k Watch for Christmas (Photo)

  • Notice that these two athletes are making the baphomet satanic hand sign. Either these two rich black men are into the occult, or they have no clue what they’re doing.

  • Usually men buy these type of gifts for a woman. When a man buys this type of ultra expensive gift for another man, you have to wonder.

  • He gonna trade it in for another week with Jenna Shea

  • Good to see someone else with their eyes open. I am not sure about Dwight’s knowledge or involvement in the occult/satanism, but i am pretty sure Harden is. I have seen way too many instances of Harden throwing up the devil horns, 666 sign, similar to what Lebron does in his pregame ritual.

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