Dwight Howard Buys James Harden $40k Watch for Christmas (Photo)



Rich people gift exchanges are a little different than your office secret santa.

Dwight Howard James Harden

H/T Jocks and Stiletto Jill


  1. Notice that these two athletes are making the baphomet satanic hand sign. Either these two rich black men are into the occult, or they have no clue what they’re doing.

  2. Usually men buy these type of gifts for a woman. When a man buys this type of ultra expensive gift for another man, you have to wonder.

  3. Good to see someone else with their eyes open. I am not sure about Dwight’s knowledge or involvement in the occult/satanism, but i am pretty sure Harden is. I have seen way too many instances of Harden throwing up the devil horns, 666 sign, similar to what Lebron does in his pregame ritual.

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