Emmitt Smith: “I’d Be Mad If I Was In DeMarco Murray’s Shoes”


Emmitt Smith was used to handling the pigskin a lot as a Hall of Fame running back for the Dallas Cowboys, so you know it has to disturb him to see his former team run the ball so infrequently.

Smith told ESPN Dallas that he can imagine how DeMarco Murray felt Sunday afternoon, when he became an afterthought in the Cowboys offense despite averaging 7.4 yards on his 18 carries.

“Oh, I’d be hot.” Smith said Monday afternoon during an appearance at the Best Buy Ultimate Gamers Showdown at AT&T Stadium. “Oh, I’d be so mad. I really would be extremely mad.

“And I’m mad just thinking about how we lost the game. Notice I said we lost the game. It’s not like Green Bay took it from us. We actually gave them a chance to come back and play.”

Murray rushed for 134 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries in the loss to the Green Bay Packers, but only seven of those carries came in the second half.