ESPN Pulls Jeff Van Gundy From Knicks Broadcast As HC Uncertainty Looms

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As uncertainty looms around Mike Woodson’s position as Knicks’ head coach and rumors swirl that ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy will be his replacement, the network has decided to pull the former coach from tonights broadcast of the Knicks game against the Bulls.

H/T: NY Post

Due to a late change, former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy won’t be at the Garden to broadcast Wednesday night’s Knicks-Bulls game as Mike Woodson broils on the hot seat.

ESPN spokesman Ben Cafardo gave no specific explanation for Van Gundy being pulled, telling The Post the assignments are “always subject to change.”

“We’re always reexamining our commentating assignments,” Cafardo said.

Van Gundy has a strict policy of not discussing possible coaching jobs while the position is still filled, so I can see why ESPN would pull him. He wouldn’t be able to candidly speak about the team with such speculation.

There are some that would say the change adds some validity to the rumors that he is waiting in the wings to rescue the Knicks, who last went to the NBA finals with him at the helm.  But I know one livid fan who thinks even Jeff can’t fix the mess.