Ex-NBA & Convicted Killer Jayson Williams Tells Wife He’s Going to Kill Someone


Jayson Williams has already served prison time for aggravated assault when he fatally shot his limo driver in 2002. He’s now released from prison and TMZ is reporting that Williams may not have mended his ways.

Williams’ estranged wife, Tanya Williams, said that Jayson went crazy in front of their two daughters who are now 11 and 9. Tanya filed a paperwork for child support from Jayson and details the events of Williams’ tirade.

“Recently, Jayson’s actions put my daughters in fear for their lives including punching a ceiling screaming, ‘I want to kill someone.'”

Tanya also says that Jayson told their younger daughter that he wasn’t her father anymore and didn’t want anything to do with her or her sister. If this is true, then it’s absolutely shameful. Williams’ has not made any comments about Tanya’s allegations.