Ex-NFL Kwame Harris Gets Jail Time For Beating Up Boyfriend Over Stolen Underwear


Kwame Harris Mugshot Soy Sauce

This all started over some soy sauce and will end with Harris spending a couple of days in jail. Try to follow along if you can.

Harris and his boyfriend were eating at a Chinese restaurant when Harris got upset his boyfriend put some soy sauce on some rice. From that point, a fight ensued where Harris tried to pulled down his boyfriend’s pants because he believed he stole his underwear.

Harris’ beat up his boyfriend so badly that he had to get a metal plate in his face, so in the end he got off pretty lightly.

Three years probation and five days in county jail on misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and assault charges.

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  1. Think you meant “metal” here: “Harris’ beat up his boyfriend so badly that he had to get a mental plate in his face…”

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