Falcons Fan Beats Up Cowboys Fan For Bragging About SB Rings (Video)



Both guys here are extremely wrong for this.

The Cowboys fan is definitely in the wrong for bragging about Super Bowls won almost 20 years ago.  The Falcons fan is wrong for even allowing a guy who’s team has won 1 playoff game in almost 20 years to rile him up.

According to Busted Coverage, it’s unclear what set the fight off, but the Falcons fan just wasn’t feeling it Sunday as his team is about to fall to 4-11.

At some point the Cowboys fan tells the Falcons fan to swing, and the ass whooping ensued.

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  1. I’m beginning to think this is a FAKE , as the Falcons did NOT play Sunday. Get your facts straight if you’re going to publish so called news , Glenn Erby.

  2. Wow the way this written so one sided like a fox news story, So a fan whose team with no superbowl wins is a victim of another fan whose team has won 5, If Championships don’t matter then why play for them, plus this was a weak ass fight.

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