Floyd Mayweather Shows Off Miss Jackson’s $10 Mil Engagement Rings (Photos)


Miss Shantel Jackson

It looks like Mayweather was in the giving mood over the Holidays.

There is a rumor that Mayweather gives his ladies fake jewelry, so he really isn’t spending what you think he is, but it looks shiny nevertheless.


  1. These sluts are not smart enough to tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake diamond. Nevertheless, why do so many rich black men continue to assocaiate themselves with trashy groupies? Take lessons from Tom Brady, find a woman who is financially on your level. I say date super models and quit wasting time and money on broke strippers!

  2. She better get that appraised and noted as a gift because when and if he kicks Ms Jackson to the curb, she cant live or eat that ring. As we know relationships with high profile dudes all end in fairytails NOT lol.

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