Fred Smoot Says Steve Smith is Soft & Would Fight Him on The Street

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Smoot took exception to Steve Smith saying he ruined his career and went on an epic rant of his own while on 106.7 The Fan’s Washington Game Day Uncensored.

If I run into Steve Smith in a Giant right now, I’ll fight Steve Smith in a Giant right now. I don’t give a — I don’t care.”

I think he’s a bully. Actually, I think he’s a weak bully at that. And I’ll be honest with that. I don’t care about saying that. He’s Steve Incognito to me. I call him Steve ‘Pinocchio’ Smith, cause he’s a liar. He went on national t.v. and lied. He’s a liar.

“And I like to keep it real and I like to be honest. This guy wants to sit here and say he ruined my career, and I played you two to three times after that, and you did nothing. I played you actually ten times before that, as a Redskin, and you gonna talk about the one time that you actually got me.

“He’s soft!” Smoot declared. “I’ve seen him jump on Ken Lucas. Ken Lucas, anybody will tell you about Ken Lucas.”

“Only reason he wants to fight people during a game, is because we got helmets on, we got shoulder pads on, and somebody’s gonna rush and break it up. Referee, teammate, it doesn’t matter,” Smoot said.

“Put it like this, if I’m in a dark alley and I’m gonna fight a couple guys, I don’t want Steve Smith with me,” he added. “He’s nothing but a talker, he’s soft. Come to Mississippi with that. That’s what you do. You come to Mississippi and we’ll teach you a couple lessons out there. We’ll show you how to be tough. He’s not tough. He wants to fight everybody in front of everybody, when he knows everybody’s gonna break the fight up, do this, do that.”

Steve Smith did sucker punch some teammates in the past, so that part is correct. I don’t know if I would call him soft, but I do think it is easier to be a tough guy with your helmet on and you punching people when they aren’t looking.