Gabrielle Union on Wade’s Love Child: “Don’t Judge Me, Work on Yourselves”

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

Gabby went on a mini gospel rant as the news of Wade’s love child leaked.

Here is what she had to say via her Twitter account, before going MIA.

The goal is NOT perfection, the goal is to be whole. That “you complete me” mess is total crap. Work on YOURSELF. Become whole, healthy & happy & watch what happens #LoveAndLight.

If you are unhappy/angry/resentful with your life, before u point the finger & place blame/shame on others, look at yourself. WE control our own destiny.

Workin on ME has gotten me MUCH further than obsessing/criticizing/judging other folks. You never lose when You work on yourself.

Hope everyone has a great day! #LoveLightandGoodTimes.

It is a lot of ranting, but if you just strip it down to its core what she is saying is she doesn’t care what you think.

Frankly, those are decisions she has to make and while there is nothing wrong about having an opinion on them, no need to be nasty or mean to her. In the end she isn’t that much different than a lot of women who have stood by their men for cheating and other things. Unlike most of them, her man had $100 million reasons why she should stay on the bumpy ride.

10 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union on Wade’s Love Child: “Don’t Judge Me, Work on Yourselves”

  • Gabrielle Union is a black actress who is over 40. Work in hollywood will be very scarce for her. Unfortunately Gabby never reached Halle Berry status (Most black actresses don’t). Dwayne Wade is her only meal ticket to money and fame. She is doing her best to hustle. Unlike most groupies, Gabby is succeeding! She got the ring! Isn’t that what all girls want?

    • The whole thing is ghetto. If your God is money that’s the price you pay…just ask Kobe’s skank wife.
      Seriously though I feel bad for the boys… and wouldn’t let Gabby around that new baby boy. Nobody and I mean nobody would be able to get past “all of that” in this quick a timeframe. Watch out bitch about to BLOW!!!!

    • PREACH!!!!! 41yrs old with no kids and being embarrassed to the end!!

    • Respect with the ring

    • Getting a ring won’t help, if you’re dying. It’s about safety. He risked HER HEALTH and his by having unprotected sex. Need the respect, good health/living, and the ring.

  • Gabby will a very nice prenup.

    I hope Wade’s knees are good for at least 2 more years.

  • ^^^^Dwayne Wade’s knees are good for only one more season. Can you imagine how much money Gabby will make if she marries Dwayne Wade without a prenup? Can you imagine how much money Dwayne Wade will lose if Gabby divorces him? Why do so many black athletes repeat the same mistakes other black athletes made in the past?

    • So… your a Doctor, are you..? Sure you are. You can just mystically pull how many years a player has left in parts of his body… yet your still wearing a tin foil hat about a “Fixed NBA”…

      If you dumb enough to believe in a fixed NBA… then I can see how you would be dumb enough to think Wade would not cover his butt in any relationship that he enters. Wade is many things, both good and not so good… But he sure as hell isn’t stupid…

  • ^^^^Wade is no longer in his prime. He had terrible games throughout last seasons playoffs. Obviously Wade isn’t covering his butt or his little head with a condom. That is why he has a illegitimate kid by a hoe. He just put a ring around the finger of Robin Givens 2.0? Not a wide decision. How many kids does Wade have? I forgot.

  • Some of you are just tired, G. Union has her own tv show and has been working as an actress since a teen, I am sure she is set. It’s not like she is working the 7-11. She is right about one thing, people do need to work on themselves, yes she is over 40 with no kids, hell she has a career that she thought about first. Some of us actually have jobs and worry about our children before we are 12, pregnant and trying to figure out how we are going to raise 5 of them. G. Union has her money, so why are so obsessed with what she is doing, my suggestion work on your relationships (or try to get one), your marriages, your children and let others live their lives since yours is so obviously perfect, you have all the time in the world to criticize someone else, LOL ya’ll are just funny. okay…back to your simple little lives now, where the mirror is always facing someone else.

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