Giants Player Renting Out Apartment For $9K During Super Bowl

cooper taylor
Here is Cooper Taylor with the ball

If you want to see what it’s like to live like a New York Giants rookie during Super Bowl week, you can do it. Cooper Taylor. a Giants rookie defensive back has decided to take advantage of his team not being anywhere near Super Bowl contention by renting his place out for the week according to the New York Post:

“We thought it would be the best time to get out of the city and go on vacation because that week will be a madhouse,” said Taylor, 22. “I am definitely disappointed that we are not playing in it. It would make it a lot more fun.”

The 1,000-square-foot apartment is outfitted with a 70-inch TV, a pair of comfortable couches, and a pile of freshly washed NFL-player-used linens — all within one mile of MetLife Stadium.

Cooper and his girlfriend Susan Carlson rent the apartment for $2,700 a month so they would get a nice return on the one week rental. I am all for this idea. Especially since Cooper is on a month to month lease because he is just a rookie so who knows how that money could come in handy after they take a vacation.