Greg Schiano Thinks Next Bucs Coach is “Taking Over a Good Situation”


Greg Schiano seems surprised that he is no longer the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Though the team finished 4-12, according to NBC Sports, Schiano had planned to work on preparing for the offseason and the 2014 regular season today, but instead found out he had been fired when he arrived at the facility.

“I woke up this morning planning to be the head coach of the Bucs. So that tells you that I believed this was going to take some more time. But I understand when I got into this thing, I’m a big boy and I understood what I was walking into. The National Football League, a quarter of the coaches turn over every year. Did I think we had an opportunity to move this forward? I still do. I think whoever takes over this job is taking over a good situation. A real good situation. Had I been coming back next year, I’d be excited about the potential of this team and where we’re heading. But I’m not.”

Schiano may not be off in his assessment either. The team may not have a winning record, but there were flashes of promise throughout the season very similar to the Kansas City Chiefs of last season. However, they must now find a coach that can bring out that promise, such as Andy Reid did for the Chiefs this season.