Isiah Thomas: “A Healthy Knicks Team Is As Good As Anybody”


When things get hot and heavy for the New York Knicks, there’s nothing better than former Pistons great, and ex Knicks GM Isiah Thomas giving his two cents on the team some say he ruined.

Thomas said on WFAN-AM on Friday morning with Sid Rosenberg and Kim Jones that Mike Woodson should be given a chance to coach this team, and that the “Knicks are as good as anybody else when healthy.”

“When you evaluate the job he’s doing, I look at the total body of work,” Thomas said on WFAN-AM on Friday morning with Sid Rosenberg and Kim Jones. “Since he’s been here his record is [81-53]. When you look at the season he’s having, fortunately they’re in the Atlantic and nobody is running away with the division.”


Thomas and Woodson are good friends of course, and Thomas has an excellent relationship with Knicks owner James Dolan.

“I know Mike personally. I know what kind of competitor he is and what kind of coach he’s been. When he has all the pieces and the team is playing well, they’re as good as anybody,” Thomas said. “Coming out of training camp they had injuries and were hit with the injury bug more than most teams.”

“What will happen to the Knicks eventually is they will get healthy, they will get all their pieces back and they will turn out to have a pretty good season, a season everybody will enjoy,” Thomas said. “That is, if they get healthy. If the injury bug stays with them, they will struggle.”