Jalen Rose Supports Sister-in-Law, Captured After 36 Years on Attempted Murder Charge

Kathlyn Regina Huff Jalen Rose

I watch a lot of Discovery ID and frankly in all the stories I have watched it is normally only white people that are able elude capture for long periods of time.

It is pretty amazing that Kathlyn Regina Huff was able to simply hide in plain sight for over 36 years. Here are the details of the case.

In 1977, Huff was indicted by a grand jury in Bexar County, Texas, on charges of attempted murder. U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Chris Bozeman told the San Antonio Express-News that Huff was suspected of shooting her common-law husband in the head. He survived, Bozeman said.

Huff evaded capture by moving away from San Antonio, getting married and changing her name to Kathlyn Regenia Rose, authorities said.

The man that Huff married is Ex-NBA and current ESPN analyst Jalen Rose’s brother Kevin. Rose confirmed that he will support his brother’s family and  help with legal costs.

I am pretty sure this will end up on Discovery ID at some point.