Jameis Winston Accuser Lawyer Wants Attorney General Investigation


Earlier today, Patricia Carroll the attorney for Jameis Winston’s accuser held a press conference where she made a few accusations of the Tallahassee Police department including saying police never tested her client for the date rape drug in her system. She says that the mishandling of the case has led her to believe the Attorney General needs to conduct a special investigation:

“There is no other choice then to call upon the attorney general of the state of Florida to conduct an independent investigation into this case and the Tallahassee Police Department.”

There have been inconsistencies are both sides of this investigation from the start and if what Carroll is saying is true, there probably should be an investigation. However, keep in mind no charges were filed against Winston for sexual assault. However, this is Carroll’s way of saying those smiling attorneys may think this is over but it’s not.

There hasn’t been any indication from the Attorney General if there will be an independent investigation as of yet.