Jameis Winston Accuser’s Family Will Speak Before Heisman Trophy Presentation


The question begs what is the reason for the press conference, which happens to be the day before the Heisman Trophy presentation?

Personally, I don’t like the way the case was handled from the beginning and some of the actions by Winston’s attorney and the State Attorney were questionable at best.

With that being said, Winston is presumed innocent and if we just start assuming everyone is guilty just because someone said so, that is a slippery slope to start going down.

It doesn’t mean the accuser is lying, it just means we can’t just blankly assume she is telling the truth, without some factual evidence.

6 thoughts on “Jameis Winston Accuser’s Family Will Speak Before Heisman Trophy Presentation

  • don’t understand how you get off on a rape charge
    when yours and others leave your siemon on her panties

    • Semen on her panties only proves that they had sex. It’s a LONG way from proving it wasn’t consentual.

  • This IDIOT better NOT win the Heisman!!! Ans I hope he loose the championship!!! I hate arrogant little punks like him that think they can get away with anything!!

    • Hey LGB I bet you hate to be prejudged yet you are willing to judge someone who has already been investigated and cleared of wrongdoing. In fact he was not even charged, you hypocrite.

  • This girl was only after a payday. If you read the almost 500 pages of the investigation it becomes clear. She told a number of conflicting stories. Had nothing in the way of evidence to say the sex was not consensual. The carpet induced redness on her knees and front of foot was consistent with what both witnesses witness as to her performing oral sex on her knees with Winston. Her phone messages showed an individual that consistently, including the night in question, broke the law and engaged in underage drinking at bars, used cocaine, and regularly cheated on her quizzes and exams. No wonder the state’s attorney said he would not vouch for her testimony. Her and her “family attorney” are still looking for a payday and to ruin the reputation of a man that pushed her crazy butt to the curb!

  • I am a football fan and love to see good quality games. I am not a fan of anyone that takes advantage of another person. The evidence in this case begs to ask the question to the motive of the young lady. She was not drunk but claims to pass out. Her stories change to much…if everyone would just read the documents that the State Attorney posted, they would stop the Winston bashing. I hope the media ask the family/attorney why she made conflicting statements and why there is prove that the accuser new Winston before the night in question…or better yet…ask her was that the first time she had been with Winston.

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