Jameis Winston Accuser’s Family Will Speak Before Heisman Trophy Presentation



The question begs what is the reason for the press conference, which happens to be the day before the Heisman Trophy presentation?

Personally, I don’t like the way the case was handled from the beginning and some of the actions by Winston’s attorney and the State Attorney were questionable at best.

With that being said, Winston is presumed innocent and if we just start assuming everyone is guilty just because someone said so, that is a slippery slope to start going down.

It doesn’t mean the accuser is lying, it just means we can’t just blankly assume she is telling the truth, without some factual evidence.


  1. I am a football fan and love to see good quality games. I am not a fan of anyone that takes advantage of another person. The evidence in this case begs to ask the question to the motive of the young lady. She was not drunk but claims to pass out. Her stories change to much…if everyone would just read the documents that the State Attorney posted, they would stop the Winston bashing. I hope the media ask the family/attorney why she made conflicting statements and why there is prove that the accuser new Winston before the night in question…or better yet…ask her was that the first time she had been with Winston.

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