Jameis Winston Left Off 115 Heisman Ballots

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Jameis Winston just won the 2013 Heisman Trophy. It was no real surprise at all that the Florida State QB would win the trophy after an outstanding season. What was surprising to some is that he was completely left off 115 ballots:

Even with being left off 115 ballots he still had the 5th highest margin of victory in the modern era. This no doubt had to do with the allegations of sexual assault against him. They really should make everyone who left him off the ballot explain themselves.

No charges were filed against him by the State’s Attorney.

4 thoughts on “Jameis Winston Left Off 115 Heisman Ballots

  • Most of those 115 wannabe CSI people are probably cheating on their spouses. Breion is still dating Jameis and she was with him in NYC today so the 115 voters are on their high horse passing judgment with no facts. Some of them are also mad that it was a black guy with a white girl. The same guys will bring up Duke Lacrosse in a minute as innocent men being drug through the mud by a liar.

  • Message to all black athletes: When you’re winning ball games for them, they act like they love you. They do this because you are making millions of dollars for them. Once you take that uniform off and your eligibility is up, you’re just another black man that they want to see locked up in prison or killed. All of you are being used and exploited. If you disagree with me, ask Maurice Clarrett!

  • He had the stats, but he lacked a component of winning the Heisman……..Integrity. Same as Reggie Bush and Cam Newton………lacking Integrity. There will always be a dark cloud over this winner. Don’t put yourself in a position to get in trouble if you want to be in the spot light. Innocent or not, when you read the report you can tell what went on.

    • Ok maybe I missed the definition of integrity. Reggie bush lied and Cam probably did too but what did Winstion lie about? He had sex with a girl that was more than willing to give it up. She wasn’t forced to give him oral sex or kick the roommate out, or close the door and turn off the lights. If the Heisman had gone to anyone else, then the integrity if the Heisman Trust would be in question. If you are recognizing the best player in colleges football for the year that played the game honestly without any violations, then Winstion was the guy……. Some people have said he was wrong because he had a girlfriend. The last time I checked, his legal status is still single so he can be with anyone he wants. And by the way, even a rape charge is not a NCAA violation, it’s a school matter.

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