Jameis Winston On Playing 2 Sports: “I Want To Be Better Than Bo Jackson”


I have a message for all your NFL GM’s salivating over the potential of Jameis Winston for the 2015 NFL Draft.

Be careful, and tread carefully.

Winston may win a Heisman on Saturday night, and could be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 draft.  The NFL personnel men evaluating Winston need to be weary of one things.

He plays a second sport, and really enjoys playing it.

Winston, who is a stud player on the Florida State baseball team, plans to continue playing two sports according to AL.com.

Simply put, it’s the Heisman trophy front-runner’s “dream” to continue playing football and baseball as long as it’s possible.

“I want to be better than Bo Jackson, hopefully,” Winston said Friday during an interview session at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.


Winston was considered a top 50 prospect by Baseball America entering the 2012 Major League Baseball Draft, but his commitment to play football at Florida State dissuaded teams from making him an early selection.

The Texas Rangers selected Winston in the 15th round, but Winston stuck with “the college experience,” which is allowing him to play both sports.

Winston said  it works right now, because Florida State’s baseball coach, Mike Martin, and football coach, Jimbo Fisher, have a “tremendous relationship.”

“The baseball cages are actually next door to our practice field,” Winston said. “After practices, I just go and hit in the cages at night. It’s kind of easy. They make it easy for me.

“I love the sport of baseball, so it was a strong consideration for me and my family (to go pro). I love the college experience. When I look back now, it’s tough being out there on the road, on the bus, because I know (Oak Mountain’s) David Dahl got drafted 10th by the Rockies. He’s having a blast out there, but I’m a different person.”



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  • I recommend that Jameis Winston play baseball in the MLB instead of football in the NFL. Why? Becasue Robinson Cano just signed a guaranteed contract for $241 million dollars.

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