Jameis Winston Says He Knew He Would Be Vindicated


A day before the Heisman ceremony is set to take place, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, the overwhelming favorite to win, broke his silence about the sexual assault complaint he received last month that generated national attention. The 19-year-old remained poised and unfazed by questions regarding the investigation.

“I knew I did nothing wrong. I knew I could respect the process and I’d eventually be vindicated. It was more about me being silent for my family because I didn’t want to put my family in those situations.

“We had so much respect for Mr. (Tim) Jansen and everything going around and knew I did nothing wrong and everything would be OK.”

Earlier today, the accuser’s lawyer held a press conference accusing the state attorney of of conducting an inadequate investigation and accusing Florida State of destroying evidence that would have proven Winston’s guilt.

The Heisman ceremony will air on EPSN Saturday December 14 at 8 p.m. ET.