Jameis Winston Walks Away After Rape Investigation Questions Asked (Video)


If you believe Jameis is 100% innocent,  you can imagine that these are the last questions he feels that he should have to answer or should even be asked.

He was patient answering the first couple of questions from ESPN’s Heather Cox, but by the 4th question he had enough.

Here is the video courtesy of Mediaite.

3 thoughts on “Jameis Winston Walks Away After Rape Investigation Questions Asked (Video)

  • I’m 100% positive that he did rape that girl. 1) He lied about being there 2) He lied about having sex with her, until the DNA evidence was brought up. 3) His criminal thinking is also evident, in that he is a petty thief. They will eventually regret giving this POS the Heisman. This award use to mean something.

    • @John:
      Your life is a little empty, isn’t it? You woke up so early in the morning and the first thing you decided to do is spew hatred into the world. I Do not know that young man and i am not here to defend him, but you on the other hand is full of judgment. Take a chill pill and find something constructive to do with your mornings… Good Luck

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