Jameis Winston Wants To Be The Next Deion Sanders Or Bo Jackson


All those teams out there salivating over the prospect of drafting Heisman Trophy winner and Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston might want to do some research on how to deal with a two sports star in the professional ranks.

Winston has made it clear that he plans to play baseball and football as a pro.  According to the New York Post, Winston has dreams and ideas of being the next Deion Sanders, or Bo Jackson.

“I’ve been in pro baseball for about 20 years, I’ve played along some guys and scouted some guys who played both sports,” Johns said. “To a man, I don’t know one who has been more determined than Jameis.”

Winston made his intentions crystal clear at Heisman weekend in New York City. During his acceptance speech, he gave a shoutout to “11” and “Meat” — Florida State head baseball coach Mike Martin Sr. and assistant coach Mike Martin Jr.

After winning the Heisman, Winston was asked about his plans for baseball. Flashing his trademark smile, he said: “To keep playing, baby. That’s what I do.

“That’s part of my character because I don’t feel like I can play football without baseball. I don’t feel like I can play baseball without football.”

It definitely will be interesting to see how scouts and executives from the NFL and MLB deal with a guy who could be the No.1 overall pick as a quarterback, but still wants to play int he major leagues.