Jameis Winston’s Accuser Asks Florida Governor to Review Her Case

jameis winston

I am little confused by Jameis Winston’s accuser. For the long period of time she didn’t want to fully cooperate and stated she just wanted to move on with her life, but ever since Jameis was cleared, there has been a full court press to get the case looked at.

I believe the Tallahassee PD could have handled the case better, but the accuser also could been a lot more forthcoming and pressed the issue, if she thought they weren’t doing their job.

Instead it just appears they are trying to capitalized off the attention of the case.

The accuser’s attorney, Patricia Carroll, tells us … her client fired off several letters to various officials, including the FL Attorney General, the Federal Dept. of Law Enforcement and Gov. Rick Scott asking for them to help make sure the PD is properly investigated.

It should be noted that we aren’t blaming the victim because Jameis was never charged with a crime, just accused of one.

I wouldn’t mind the Tallashasee PD being investigated to make sure they are following the right procedures, but Winston’s name shouldn’t be dragged in the mud because of whatever mistakes they made.

One thought on “Jameis Winston’s Accuser Asks Florida Governor to Review Her Case

  • Come on, Bob, you should know better than to write your opening paragraph the way you did. The ubiquitous narrative that the accuser “didn’t want to” cooperate came only from the lazy law enforcement officials whom *I* believe didn’t want to pursue a case against a top FSU recruit. It’s not unrealistic for me to believe that the accuser’s current attorney may be behind the current aggressive stance, but I do think it’s highly irresponsible for you to write a piece suggesting that the accuser was actively discouraging the original investigation after promptly reporting the event and submitting to a rape kit. What’s your basis for that assumption?

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