Jameis Winston’s Alleged Victim Police Statements Show Contradictions


It is unlikely that Jameis Winston will be charged with Sexual Assault and the reason according to Tomhawk Nation is the conflicting statements by the victim which you can view below.

The unredacted police report contains at least four different versions of events given to investigators. Two were given by the complainant herself. Two are told by the complainant’s friends to the police, as they claim were told to them by the complainant. The complainant’s memory of the night in question is incomplete, for a reason that is not clear.

According to the report, the complainant twice described the male as black, with a dark complexion, and hair that needed to be cut. However, the report indicates that she first described the suspect as being 6’2, but less than 24 hours later, claimed that he was 5’9 to 5’11. On January 11, the report indicates that the complainant identified Jameis Winston, who more closely resembles the first description than the second (Winston is 6’4).

The report says that she first described the male who witnessed the sexual encounter in relation to the suspect as being “not as big and having dreads.” But in the second interview, the report says that she says the male was “bigger, but not taller” than the suspect.

The complainant maintains in both stories that she had five “vodka drinks.” In one version, the complainant mentions taking shots, but that she was told about taking the shots, and does not remember taking them. However, the detective interviewing the complainant noted in the report that the complainant “appeared to be very tired, but not intoxicated.”

According to the affidavit, “[the accuser] then remembers entering an apartment on the ground floor.  She remembers the male taking off her clothes then engaging in penile/vaginal sex with her as she told him to stop and tried to fight him off.”

Cops said in the affidavit … at some point during the incident, another black male with dreadlocks came into the room and told the man to stop … at which point he took the accuser into a nearby bathroom where he “completed the act.”

The complainant is not the one who called police. Instead, her friend did. The CAD notes from the friend’s call to police indicate that the complainant claimed she was hit on the head and was blacking out during the incident.

Another friend told police that the complainant told her she was hit on the head at a party and had blacked out when the incident occurred.

So more than anything else, it is the statements of what actually happened that night are so inconsistent it would be very difficult to take it to trial.

Doesn’t mean Jameis is innocent, just means they don’t have enough evidence.