Jameis Winston’s Lawyer Wants Apology From Heather Cox For Rape Questions


After defeating Duke 45-7 in the ACC Championship game — likely securing the Heisman trophy for himself and punching his team’s ticket to Pasadena where they will most likely play Auburn for the national title –Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was bombarded with questions about his recently-dismissed sexual assault case by ESPN’s Heather Cox.

Many people were outraged by Cox’s line of questioning and felt like that was not an inappropriate time or place to ask those types of questions. Winston’s lawyer Tim Jansen took to Twitter to express his disgust by the questions his client was asked and demand an apology from Cox.


Winston handled it like a pro and walked away after the fourth question. The only questions that should have been asked were the ones about his team’s play or the upcoming Heisman presentation. Cox was out of line and should issue an apology to Winston and his entire team for trying to ruin such a joyous moment.

18 thoughts on “Jameis Winston’s Lawyer Wants Apology From Heather Cox For Rape Questions

  • @Neil Davis ya because walking away is never ever the right thing to do. Neil Davis is perfect by every means…. She deserves to be fired PERIOD!!! Some idiots in this post clearly never read the 5th Amendment and its a disgrace to ask him those questions on National TV. I think someone should role reversal on her one day on National TV and ask her about her past and why she didn’t talk about it….

    • you have no expectation of privacy if you’re a natl sports figure. Just because the corrupt incompetents in Tallahassee gave him a pass it doesn’t mean most people don’t find his behavior disgusting.

      • gave him a pass? the alleged behavior you find “disgusting” was legally dispelled as untrue. it’s too bad that after all these years, you still feel the need to tear down a young black man for being at the top of his field. by not accepting a court of laws decision, you are basically saying that your are prejudiced and don’t believe in a system that assures people’s freedom and rights are respected and upheld. believe me, if they had enough evidence to proceed, they would have. especially in Florida. and yes, rape and sexual assault IS disgusting. but if a decision was made based on factual evidence, in this case lack thereof, that should be respected and accepted. otherwise, you just seem racist or sexist or both.

        • The behavior that he and his 2 witnesses (both football buddies of his, one his roommate) admit to is disgusting. Whether or not a rape actually took place will never be known thanks to the political shenanigans in Tallahassee and possibly malfeasance on the part of the local police. Why do you have to play the race card? That obviously has NOTHING to do with this case as the SA ofc. are mostly a bunch of white “good ole boys”, and they’re the ones who decided not to prosecute the case. You’re way off base with this one.

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