Jason Garrett Says Dez Bryant Needs to Stay on The Field Until Game Ends


You can only use the “emotional” excuse so many times.

There are a lot of players that are emotional, but don’t act like children when things don’t go their way. Dez still has some growing up to do.

Here is what Jason Garrett had to say about Dez fleeing the scene.

“We’ll address that with Dez today,” Garrett said, via ESPN.com. “I understand why to a certain extent, they’re kneeling the ball, the game essentially is over, he’s an emotional guy, we’re all very emotional about what we do. But he needs to stay out on the field and I’ll address that with him today. And just explain why it’s important to do that and he’ll understand.”

I don’t think Dez is a bad teammate, but part of being a good teammate is understanding your actions regardless of your intentions still can hurt the team.

Can’t always be about Dez.