Jason Garrett Says Romo Checked Out of Run to Pass Play on INT

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Jason Garrett took no time in throwing Romo under the bus.

There is a couple of ways to look at this. Some would say the coach should protect the player, but others will say they want the truth.

Either way this will only give Romo’s detractors more fuel for their fire.  Here is how Romo described the final INT playcall.

It’s a run call we have. We’ll have it up three to five to six times a game where you will throw the ball because you get a bad look into the run. That’s a time, when I look back now, we should have run the ball because I threw an interception. We shouldn’t ever give them a chance to have the ball. We’ve got to get better. I’ve got to do better than that.”

They overloaded the side we were going to run the ball to, and I ended up throwing to the man who was 1-on-1. The defense did a really good job of coming in on me instead of following the tackle down. It was my fault to, obviously, put the ball in a position where the defense could make a play.”

2 thoughts on “Jason Garrett Says Romo Checked Out of Run to Pass Play on INT

  • Garrett can talk all he wants about Romo but he is the head coach,and Callahan is the offensive Coach it is still there fault that Dallas is the sorry mess they are,their defence is the worst I have ever seen,why did they stop running the ball,and start throwing the ball all over the place,Garrett and Callahan and their Boss jerry jones are all idots and should not be allowed to coach anything above junior high school.

  • So long as Jerry Jones is around to do his Al Davis imitation of ego-driven micro-management, the Cowboys will never again go to the Super Bowl. Why? Simple: no topnotch coach would ever want to come to Dallas to have Jones breathing down his neck all the time. It’s sad, because the Cowboys do have personnel of championship caliber.

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