Jason Hatcher Doesn’t Care If He Leaves Cowboys


Despite another mediocre season by the Dallas Cowboys, 31-year old Jason Hatcher had his most-impressive season leading the team in sacks will 11. But as much as he loves playing in Dallas, Hatcher will not allow the decision to remain with the Cowboys to become an emotional one. Meaning he will not take a pay cut.

“This is business,” Hatcher said. “Emotions are out of it.”

On whether or not he thinks he will be back next year, Hatcher told The Dallas Morning News:

“I don’t know, man. My feelings are just, I’m numb right now,” Hatcher said. “Whatever happens, happens. It’s up in the air, I really don’t care whether I go or whether I stay. It’d be awesome to stay here and finish my career here, but if not, I have to move on. It’s a business. You can’t get any emotions involved or you’ll find yourself in a bad situation.”

Hatcher was clearly frustrated after the team’s 24-22 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, eliminating them from the playoffs for the fourth season in a row. He has vented his frustrations before and even called out Tony Romo in a team meeting earlier this season.

He also had a message to the fans if yesterday turns out to be his last game in a Cowboys uniform.

“If I don’t return next year, I really thank you guys for supporting me, my family and everything I stood for, the ups and downs here,” Hatcher said. “We’ll see what goes on in March.