Jason Kidd Told Frank: I’m The Coach Of This MF Team, Sit The F*ck Down

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If this latest report is true, I can see why Jason Kidd and Lawrence Frank can no longer function together as coaches, and probably will never be friends again.

ESPN New York is reporting that went on an expletive filled rant geared towards Lawrence Frank after a November 3 loss to the Orlando Magic.

“Sit the (expletive) down! I’m the coach of this (13-letter word) team! When you’re on the bench, don’t (expletive) move,” Kidd said, according to NBA.com, which did not offer further details of what the 13-letter word was.

Reports say that blow up led to Kidd reassigning Frank to a reduced role where he simply files reports on a daily basis.

Frank was told at one point by somebody in the organization to curb his behavior on the bench during games and not be as active and demonstrative as he was earlier in the season, sources told ESPNNewYork.com. The week before he learned he would not be helping run practices or sit on the bench during games, it was definitely noticeable that Frank wasn’t doing as much.

According to the NBA.com report, other coaches facing the Nets thought Frank was ill since he was being so quiet.

Frank signed a six-year contract worth approximately $6 million to be Kidd’s mentor, the team’s defensive coordinator and help ease Kidd into his new head coaching role.

Multiple reports say he has hired attorneys and will eventually seek a buyout.

At the time of Frank’s reassignment, ESPNNewYork.com reported that there was “friction” and a difference of philosophies between the two.

The blow up definitely adds merit to the idea that Frank was either over stepping his boundaries, or Kidd felt nervous enough about it to feel threatened by Frank.


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  • Report is that Jason Kidd doesn’t want to be told what to do and wanted full control(i don’t know what in the past would think he is a better coach than Frank). Kidd is an idiot and going to get Avery Johnson’d before this year is over, bet. If the Russian doesn’t fire Kidd it is good for everyone in the East because that team is hot garbage and will NEVER be a contender for anything except the lottery.

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