Jeff Van Gundy: “Coaching Isn’t The Issue For Knicks, The Roster Is”

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I guess we can scratch Jeff Van Gundy off the list of possible replacements for Mike Woodson in New York.

According to the New York Post, Van Gundy, now the lead NBA analyst for ABC/ESPN, said he believes the Knicks’ troubles have nothing to do with Mike Woodson but more to do with the roster and the person who built it.

 “This isn’t a coaching issue,’’ Van Gundy said on an ESPN Radio show Wednesday. “This is a roster issue. The absolute most important position on any professional team is the people in charge of picking the players. They have to be talented enough and fit together and have an intangible. It’s a hard job but an important job. The last thing the Knicks have is a coaching issue.”

General manager Glen Grunwald built the roster and was fired four days before training camp.

“Mike Woodson is an outstanding basketball coach who does an outstanding job,’’ Van Gundy added. “How can a guy go from being brilliant to being on the proverbial hot seat 16 games into the next season?’’


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