Jerry Jones Says All Tony Romo Has Are Back Spasms


I’ve had back spasms before and they are quite debilitating, but a shot normally clears that up and definitely doesn’t sideline you for a football game that isn’t happening for five days.

Jerry Jones is probably lying, but here is what he had to say about Romo.

“All I’m saying is he has back spasms, symptoms that we’re treating as we go along in the week to see if he will play,’’ Jones said. “There is nothing structurally that will rule him out if he feels good and is cleared to play. Nothing.’’

“The facts are there is a lot of we can’t comment on,’’ Jones said. “But the most t important things is if he feels better as the week goes along, there is nothing structurally to prevent him from playing. He might be cleared to play.’

Pro Football Zone reports that Jay Glazer also believes that Romo may play. ESPN though is sticking by their story he has a Herniated Disk and will need surgery.