Jerry Jones Says He Writes The Checks, That’s Why He’s The GM

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Jerry Jones went straight Puff Daddy on us.

“It’s often said that, why don’t I get someone to be the GM?” Jerry Jones said Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan. “Why don’t I get someone to pick the players? Well, who in the world do you think that person when they walk through the door and say, ‘We want to get this player or we want to pay this player,’ what in the world do you think I’m going to do? I’m going to sit down and I’m going to go through it and I’m going to say, ‘Show me the player. Show me everything about the player before I write the check. Show me the player and let me see everything about the player.’

“Well, rather than that have happen, I get involved in it and know everything about the players before they get to the door. That, if you’ve got the time to do it, that’s a better way to do it.”

Under that logic every owner would be their teams General Manager. Yes, the owner writes the checks, but the smart ones allow people who are more knowledgeable about players to handle the responsibility of putting together the team.

You would think after almost 20 years of mediocrity and failure, Jones might want to try something different, but I don’t expect anything to change.

18 thoughts on “Jerry Jones Says He Writes The Checks, That’s Why He’s The GM

  • You also want to be the football version of “The Boss” and you fall very short of that goal

  • As I’ve said before and I’ll say again: We’re commenting obvious reason(s) why this Franchise has been a failure and true “Mediocre Team” since Jimmy’s departure, (8 & 8 is the NEW Norm!). We ALL see it, we ALL know it and we ALL “Speak and express” it. However, until P.T. Barnum starts seeing the Money slip away, he’ll keep selling what he’s selling as long as we’re buying!!. And that Cowboy’s fans makes us NO BETTER than the puppet coaches this nit-wit hires!!! The only one who refuses to acknowledge the real problem is the problem himself!.. And a Boycott of Tickets and Merchandise is the only Effective Intervention we as fans can demonstrate!!! Otherwise, the ONLY thing that separates us from the puppets on the sidelines is the paycheck (that we pay anyway)!!!

  • Really Jerry you think you can pick players? Two words: Quincy Carter.

  • To the guy who said Ware & Witten were Jones’s picks. Uh no. Those were Parcell’s picks. Parcells & Jimmie were the only two coaches he had who would tell Jerruh “no.” That’s what he needs now. Someone who will say “no” to him. And things won’t change if he passes on. Stephen Jones is just as inept.

  • With Jerry’s logic, Bill Gates would make all the hiring decisions at Microsoft. Instead, he leaves it up to the hiring experts and managers that know what they need and how to determine if the talent fits their work group.

    I’ve grown so tired of jerry and his excuses for making all the team decisions and always being in the news. He’s so delusional it’s entertaining for me. If I was a cowboys fan I would hate him running the front office. They’ll never be a championship team with him involved.

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